Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Super Special Fun Day Part 1

Last week Ezra had a break from tests so he planned a "Super Special Fun Day" for Ave and I. It was a surprise and we LOVE surprises! He took us to lunch at a new pizza place that serves all you can eat- pizza, garlic knots, soup & salad for lunch. Add a little Zantac 75 and this is a pregnant girls dream. Next we headed downtown to Fowler's Fine Chocolates for a VIP factory tour. Holla!! All the Chocolate you can eat while learning how they make it. It was a golden ticket moment.
Free HAIRNETS...almost as cool as free chocolate!

That's right folks, what's a Buffalo Chocolate factory without a little Pizza and Wings. Don't forget the Bleu Cheese Chocolate dipping sauce!

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Anthony and Kristie said...

Yeah, I have missed your pictures and posts. I am glad you are back. What a sweet husband you have, I am glad you had a super special fun day:)