Saturday, October 31, 2009

SpOOkY Dinner Party

So we decided to have a little last minute Haunted Halloween party. I made a Pumpkin Veggie Tray
...and some Mummy Dogs.
Here are some of the tasty treats or ghoulish guests came up with on last minute notice...I was very impressed. Fun Times.

Nacho Cheese dip (not pictured) with GraveYard Toppings by the Trockels

Halloween Tortilla Chips by the Trockels

Chocolate Covered Mice by the Trockels

Spider Web Guacamole by the Sowells

Ghostly Rice paired with Eyeball Meatballs(below) by the Sowells

Ghost Cupcakes by the Sowells
Mini Mummy Pizzas by the Kings

Devilish Deviled Eggs by the Kings

Frozen Eye Balls by the Kings
Halloween Pumpkin Bread by the Bennions

RIP Micheal Jackson Pudding Cups by the Whiteakers


These two rubbery skeletons and little Ave are attached at the hips'. She takes them everywhere and talks to them like real people. Poor girl, since I am pregnant and slightly paranoid about contracting the SWINE flu...these are the only two friends she is allowed to play with on a regular basis. I know I am mean, but she didn't seem to mind. ...Until yesterday when I heard her yelling "BAD SKELETON" and throwing them against a wall. I don't know what they did wrong, but they must have apologized because ten minutes later I saw the three of them cuddling on the couch watching Sponge Bob together.

Hanging out in the kitchen.
Watching a little TV together.


So this year since Avery is completely obsessed with Halloween, I decided we should probably decorate the house. I usually consider decorating for every holiday a bit of a waste of money, but Avery was so excited I couldn't resist. She absolutely loves it, I'm scared I may have to leave it up year round. We also happened to watch HGTV's Halloween Spooktaular Show last week. And lets just say it has sparked her interest in interior design. I have caught her several times trying to wrap my dining room table legs in toilet paper. "Mom, I am making our table into a mummy!"

She also decided our white couch would be much more festive if she drew her version of a pumpkin on it with a black ink pen. Yeah I tried hairspray removal, didn't it will be there next Halloween...SUPER!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's Alive

We found out a few weeks ago that Avery will have her very own baby brother. That's right, I have 6 storage bins of girl clothes, two pink strollers, dollhouses and princess dresses galore....and we are having a BOY!! Awesome! So I guess we are living the of each and then we can be done...or at least that's how I feel right now being prego. But I really can't complain too much. As of a few weeks ago, I suddenly stopped throwing up everyday. Now its only a couple times a week in the morning, big improvement since I threw up everyday, multiple times a day with Avery. These are the ultrasound pics from my 19 week appointment. He looks perfectly happy and healthy so far, kicking me like crazy. We are excited and scared, but EXCITED!!

and....about NAMES...we are open for suggestions!! If you think of anything that flows with our LAST NAME!?! Like Bobby or Billy Bob...Just kidding...but seriously we need help!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Super Special Fun Day Part 2

SSFD Part 2 took place at THE Great Pumpkin know the one from the Charlie Brown special.
Not really but is was still Super cool, especially because Avery is absolutely obsessed with everything Halloween. There were rides, a spooky magic show, hayrides, cornmazes...and possibly the highlight of Avery's life...FACE PAINTING!
Watching her get her face painted had to be the most adorable thing ever. She sat there so still, with a glazed look over her "I can't believe this is really happening to me." The lady saw little Ave and immediately asked her if she wanted a cute puppy or maybe a butterfly. She said no way, she wanted a SCARY witch! She is in love with anything remotely scary. Skeletons, Spiders, Dead Zombies with their guts hanging out in the Haunted House...oh yeah she is all over it.

Ave making her way through haymaze custom made for the small ones.

Super Special Fun Day Part 1

Last week Ezra had a break from tests so he planned a "Super Special Fun Day" for Ave and I. It was a surprise and we LOVE surprises! He took us to lunch at a new pizza place that serves all you can eat- pizza, garlic knots, soup & salad for lunch. Add a little Zantac 75 and this is a pregnant girls dream. Next we headed downtown to Fowler's Fine Chocolates for a VIP factory tour. Holla!! All the Chocolate you can eat while learning how they make it. It was a golden ticket moment.
Free HAIRNETS...almost as cool as free chocolate!

That's right folks, what's a Buffalo Chocolate factory without a little Pizza and Wings. Don't forget the Bleu Cheese Chocolate dipping sauce!

We're Back!

So we went on a short 6 month blogging hiatus. How did I ever let this happen? I am such a slacker! Well we are back and in a big way. I am going to attempt to back date every post until June. That's right dedicated readers you're not going to miss a moment of our lives because I care that much. ...not really, I am just turning this blog into a book. So gotta do, whatcha gotta do. Wish me luck...