Saturday, August 30, 2008

The ULTIMATE Lions Fans

Anyone who knows Ezra, knows of his undying love for the Detroit Lions. I'm still not sure why he has stuck with this winning-challenged team for so many years...but I think that it may be hereditary. Love for the Blue & Silver has officially doubled in our household. Our 6 year Anniversary was a couple of weeks ago and I surprised Ez with tickets to the Lions/Bills pre-season game. We went to the game on Thursday and the Lions were victorious. Ezra and Avery have assured me that this year Detroit is destine for the Super Bowl.

I'm not sure if they are saying the Lions are #1 or...we hope the Lions win at least 1 game...either way these two will be cheering them on!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Its Official...

Summer break is over. Today was Ezra's first day back to school. We will definitly miss him being at home.

Let the games begin...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Virginia Beach

We recently took a road trip to Virginia visit Ezzie's family. Ezra's mom, Linda and her husband David live in Norfolk and his brothers and sister flew in from Salt Lake for one big family vacation. We had a great time and got to stay at David and Linda's awesome little beach house which is right on the water. We took the opportunity to take a family pic since everyone was together.
From the top is Ezra's older bro Elijah and his wife Analia, second row-David's son Adam, David, Linda, Ezra's little sis Ariel (but you can call her Air :), bottom-Ezra's little bro Israel, and us.

We had tons of fun on the beach. I know that we will definitely be back soon!

Busch Gardens

Ezzie's mom treated us to a fun filled day at Busch Gardens. It was a blast and I have 1 million pictures to prove it.
Here was our close encounter with one of the Anheuser Busch Clydesdale horses.

Ezzie, Ave, Linda and Ariel chillaxin' on a bench.
Everyone was nice enough to take turns watching Avery, so Ez and I could ride all the coasters too!
Avery having some fun of her own on the carousel. So cute!! She squealed with joy the whole ride.

One of the highlights of the day had to be Ezra's attempt at winning the infamous ring toss game. Early in the day Avery spotted this giant pink gorilla and it was love at first sight. Those who know her well, know of her slight obsession with monkeys...not to mention PINK monkeys!! Ezra, being a semi-pro ring tosser, thought he would try to win his little girl the monkey of her dreams. Being the penny pincher that I am, I denied him the 5 bucks to play. Lucky for Avery, her Uncle Issie fronted the cash....and well two tosses by Ezra the SUPER DAD and the rest is history! Avery was officially the happiest girl in the world... for about 45 minutes, then we realized there was absolutely NO WAY we could get this thing home in our over packed car. we took some pictures, let Ave kiss him and then gave it to another little boy. I'm pretty sure it made his day.

Avery ridding on the kiddie swings and the first official..."my daughter is a big girl moment." Tear...
Before we exited the park, we got Avery's characature done. She didn't want to sit still, but the artist/kid did a great job. Do you think it looks like her?


We stayed in Virginia through the holiday and BBQ'd at David's sister Julia's amazing house. Then we watched fire works at the beach house. Fun!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Summer Fun

Well it is high time I update this blog. We have been having lots of fun this summer and I have been just too busy/lazy to get it done. stay tuned for the blogupdateathon!
Avery LOVES to kick her feet in our pool. Which is fun and yet slightly scary for her parents who have decided that a pool fence is going to be a must for our time here in this house.
Avery loving her new ball house!
Ave opening her birthday gifts. We wanted to thank everyone again for all the thoughtful gifts from all her Grandmas' and pas' from coast to coast and Great Aunts' and Uncles' in California and Washington.

Niagra Falls

While my Mom, Jim, Sis, Aunt and Cousin were up for Avery's birthday in June we did some site seeing around the Buffalo area which included exploring the quaint little town of Niagra-on-the-Lake. It was a cute town of expensive little boutiques and outdoor cafes.
Avery's favorite way to see the sites... Dada's shoulders!!

We also took them to see the falls. Even though we go to Niagra Falls every time we get a visitor, we always find something new to see. Our initial trips to the falls were lame compared to this one. Sorry Linda, David, Poppo & Denise...we have since become better tour guides...I think we owe you another trip! :)
Grandma Bev, Grandpa Jimbo, and Aunt Nicki/Ang.

Great Aunt Barbara, and Cousin Ashley.