Thursday, September 30, 2010

Her First Field Trip

Avery's Preschool took a field trip to Kelkenburg farm.  She had a great time with all her friends. The farm was really cute with tons of hands on activities for the kids to do.  It was a little hard to manage helping her do the activities, pushing Greyson through the mud in his stroller (it was pouring), taking pictures and holding an umbrella all at the same time...but it was worth it.
Avery and her friend Samantha checking out the horses.
We got to go on a hay ride.  The cutest old man pulled us in a covered wagon with his tractor down the road to the pumpkin patch.  Every few minutes he would turn around and serenade us with some old farmer tune.  The kids thought he was a little weird at first, but by the end of the ride everyone was singing along.  He was so fun!
Greyson's first hayride...he was lovin' it!
Little stations were set up all around the farm for the kids to get the ultimate experience.  They could ride a pony, milk a goat, brush a horse, mill some corn, and find their way through a maze.  As you could probably guess, Avery wouldn't do most of them.  ...but here she is brushing a pony. Yay!
Milling some corn, while Butters sat in the bucket.
It was a great day on the farm!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We've Got a Preschooler!

This was Ave on her first day of preschool. She has been going three days a week for 2.5 hours a day and loves it. There are 12 three and four year olds in her class, 4 girls and 8 boys. She is making lots of new friends, she usually can't remember their names...but tells me how much fun they have going on pretend bear hunts and dino digs. On the first day of class, each kid was told to put something they love in this brown paper sack and write 3 clues to help their classmates guess what's inside. She brought her Snow White doll, since she is still obsessed with all things princess.  I was a little apprehensive about the first day.  Would she cry hysterically when I tried to leave?  Not this kid, Miss Kim opened the door, she said "Love you Mom" and ran right in with the other kids. Greyson and I ran a few errands, and I was so excited to pick her up to see what she thought of her first day.  She was all smiles. When we got in the car I asked her what they did and if she learned anything...her response.."I don't know Mom, I can't remember."  Day two, I asked her the same thing and she had a little more to say.  "Mom, today a boy tried to kiss me!"  Definitely not what I was expecting to hear. I asked her why a boy would try and kiss her, she said, "Mom, he thinks I am beautiful!"  She said she was glad Miss Patti rescued her and told the little boy, there is NO kissing allowed at preschool.   

Monday, September 13, 2010

Meet the Teacher Day

Avery was so excited for "Meet the Teacher Day" at her new preschool.  Her teachers, Miss Kim and Miss Patti, had a special activity planned to introduce the kids to their new classroom and fellow classmates.  She has her own cubby to hang her coat and backpack and her own mail box...with AVERY on it (her favorite part).  She got to play doll house with her new friends while I got to learn about what peanut-free snacks to bring, and the MANY fundraisers that the kids will participate in throughout the year. Super!