Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy 28th Birthday Ezzie!!

We love you! Thanks for being such a great husband and father!

Love hurts!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Buffalo Botanical Garden

Last weekend we went to the Botanical Gardens with some friends for DOLLAR DAY!! Sweet...all the rare, exotic plants you can pick and eat/destroy for only a buck!! least that's what Avery thought. I am surprised we didn't get kicked out of the place. It should have been $100 dollar day for us, to repair all the damage she caused. What kind of parents are we?? We tried to pin her down, Ez even decided to carry her on his shoulders. She loved it...that gave her closer reach to the tropical planets hanging from above...Yep she pulled those down too!!

Chris, Rozannah, and Enzo
Jason and Britta

Avery on the path of destruction.

Bontanical Gardens...The Exit

Yet another group of satisfied customers leave the Buffalo Botanical Gardens...Who thought looking at plants all day could be so fun?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Color or Black & White...I can never decide.

It is starting to warm up, so I have been taking Avery outside to play more often. This was Avery's first experience with grass. She had a great time EATING it! This girl will put anything in her mouth.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Well Avery got her first big Boo-Boo and this pic doesn't really do justice to the huge knot on her head. She was rolling around with Chubbs and bonked her head on the dining room table. I felt horrible...but I sure this is the first of many more accidents to come.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Lions-N-Tigers-N-Bears...Oh MY!

Avery's first trip to the ZOO.
She saw all the animals...but I think she was a little more interested in pulling off her socks the entire trip!

Wild Animals-BORING...throwing leaves over a fence-SUPER FUN!!

Maple Syrup Anyone?

Last weekend was Maple weekend in WNY, so we took a roadtrip to Hamburg, NY to visit a local Maple Farm. It was cool to learn all about how they make Maple Syrup. Ez and Ave are checking out a tree that has been tapped to collect the sugar water that will be made into syrup.
The Sugar Shack at the Smith Farm is where they boil the sugar water, causing the H2O to evaporate and condense into a super sweet maple syrup.
The distill thing...I forgot what it is called.

Avery driving a Tractor...I guess you can say it's a family tradition. We were extra careful to make sure she didn't fall off!! ...what kind of parents would let their baby fall off a tractor?? :)
A Family photo opp.
Thanks Chris and Rozannah!