Monday, November 16, 2009

Halloween Night

Halloween Night was super fun, but super FREEZING cold. I didn't really get to take any pics of Avery all dressed up trick-or-treaing because she was so cold Ezra had to carry her from house to house. It was so cold, we decided to hit 15 houses with the Trockels and head back to our house to hand out some candy.

Ave really wanted me to dress up too, so here is the prego witch.

Ez was a last minute Skeleton. I think Avery was a little scared of him at first. She kept reminding me that Dadda was a NICE Skeleton, not a mean one.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween Activites 09

Avery was a WiTcH for Halloween this year. She made it very clear to us and anyone that asked, that she was a SCARY witch not a nice witch. She loved her costume, and begged to wear it before, during, and after halloween. She also loved to watch You Tube clips of various witches with Ez and quickly picked up lines like
"I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too!" Thoughout the month we tried to go to every Halloween activity we could find. We attended a few Story times' at Pottery Barn and Barnes and Noble. Below are pics of Ave decorating a pumpkin and a little craft at our local mall kids club. The invite said the kids would be painting pumpkins in their halloween costumes?!? Sounded a little scary/messy. When we arrived the paint was replaced by sharpie markers and glitter glue. I'm not sure which is worse, but we made it out of there without any permanent damage. The also had free face painting...1 Scary witch on her arm, she was a happy girl!
We also attended the church Halloween party. Avery had a great time. The mummy cupcake she won in the cake walk was the highlight, until she went trick-or-treating door to door at the end of the party. It was so cute! At each door she would say the magic words and then stick her Halloween bucket right up in the persons face and wait for her candy. They thought it was pretty funny too, and I think she scored extra candy. What can I say the girl knows how to work it.

Ave and her BFF Lorenzo at the party.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mission Accomplished

For the last month or so, I have spent every morning on the phone and internet in search of the H1N1 vaccine for Avery and I. Since we are both "high risk", I really never thought it was going to be so hard to get our hands on. My OBGYN decided since he never gets the flu or flu shots, that his patients didn't need to have the vaccine. So he didn't order it and refused to offer it to his pregnant patients ?!? After many failed attempts to get it from other offices that where saving their supply for their patients only, I let my OB know that I was considering transfering to another office to get the vaccine. I suggested he call in a favor to one of his OB buddies who did order the vaccine, and the next day I got from the office letting me know they had located one and were holding it for me at an office in Niagara Falls.
It was a bit of a drive, but getting the vaccine makes me feel a lot better about flying home for the holidays. Getting the shot for Avery was a whole other issue. Her Ped office had it for a fraction of a week, never offered it for her age group and then ran out. Luckily Ez was watching the news on Thursday night when they announced a Swine Flu vaccine clinc that was being held 45 mins away in the neighboring county. They urged people to not arrive early. I didn't listen and neither did the 300 other people that were standing outside in line before me when I showed up. After 3.5 HOURS of waiting outside...we are both vaccinated!
Keeping Avery entertained for almost 4 hours standing in line wasn't the easiest thing. I am lucky she loves Sleeping Beauty and Snow White so much, she sat happily in her stroller watching her DVD player for the most part. There were so many parents that had it worse than I did. The worst part was definitly when we neared the end of the line where the shots were being given. You would have thought kids were dying in there with all the terrified screams coming from the shot room. It was hard to convince the kids still waiting to get closer to that room they were in line for a good reason. Slightly tramatizing for all involved.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dr. Avery

Now Accepting New Patients Every Night Around her Bedtime...

This is what our nightly bedtime routine has come to. The only way she will brush her teeth is if she can dress up in Ezra's "Dentist Shirt", clip on his clinic name badge, and give him a thorough tooth tickling. Once his cleaning is complete she will let Ez be the Dentist and brush her teeth. Super Annoying...but Super Cute at the same time.

Tooth brushing is usually followed up by story time. More often than not she will turn down the couple of books she has picked out for a chance to look at pictures on Ezra's laptop. Pictures of what you might ask?? Oh just detailed photos of people with black rotted out teeth, missing teeth, crowns, fillings etc. He initially showed the gross pics to demonstrate why she should brush her teeth. Well now she is hooked.