Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Avery & Lorenzo...the final party!!

 Avery and Enzo celebrated their last birthday together...tear.  Zannah and I decided to throw them one more party before we went our separate ways.  Since everyone was in the midst of packing, we kept it a little more low key this year with a Camping themed party.  Even though it was much less work than last year, it still turned out adorable and the kids had so much fun. 
 The "Happy Campers" Dessert Table

 The most adorable camping cake ever, made by Zannah.  She never disappoints with her baking creations.  She takes on the cake every year and I am getting a little nervous that Avery's future party cakes will be made my me...cakes stress me out!
 Sign by me, Stick collection by Avery and Greyson.
 "Lil Smokies"
 No Camping Party is complete without a S'more Bar.
 We are all about choice...Cinnamon, Chocolate and Gram Gram crackers
 And more Chocolatey choices...
 And Fruity Choices...

 So Adorable!!
 This year we had a couple of party games for the kids.  Here is the bag for their Camping Scavenger Hunt.  Avery loved it.  We had to have a few more scavenger hunts over the next few day.
 Searching for baby pine cones.
 Making sure to find everything on the list.
 "The Happy Campers"

Our Family by the Campfire...It was a great day!

PS. If you missed Avery & Enzo's THIRD and SECOND birthday parties, that might be because I just got around to posting them.  I know, I'm awesome.  Click on the links to check them out.