Thursday, November 13, 2008

Big Girl Fork

Yep, she's doin' it!! Avery loves to eat with her big girl fork. So far she has mastered Sponge Bob Mac & Cheese, and Cheerios. Every time she manages to land something in her mouth, she says Mmm Mmm, and smiles from ear to ear. So cute, its fun to watch.

Monday, November 3, 2008

We Found NEMO!

We had a great Halloween week. Avery dressed up as her favorite clown fish, Nemo. Since she can watch the movie 3 times a day, we knew she would love it. I have had the costume sitting in her play room for nearly a month, and she would carry it around like an other stuffed animal. We she found out she could wear her "Memo", she was in a whole new kind of heaven. She has been wearing it around the house ever since.

We did a little Trick-or-Treating on Halloween night with the Trockels. Ezra was exhausted from tests throughout the week, and I was feeling under the weather, so we almost stayed inside. ...but I am glad we hit the streets because the kids were so cute! I really didn't think they would understand what was going on, but they were pros. We couldn't get Avery to say Trick-or-treat, but as soon as they dropped a piece of candy in her bucket, she said MORE-MORE! ...And a couple of times they gave her more. Nice work Avery! Don't worry, we made sure she said "Tank EWW"

Lorenzo the Mad Scientist sharing some magic potion with his fishy friend.

The Mad scientist with his Mad Momma Zannah.
Avery checking out her loot.
Enjoying her first KitKat.