Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's Alive

We found out a few weeks ago that Avery will have her very own baby brother. That's right, I have 6 storage bins of girl clothes, two pink strollers, dollhouses and princess dresses galore....and we are having a BOY!! Awesome! So I guess we are living the of each and then we can be done...or at least that's how I feel right now being prego. But I really can't complain too much. As of a few weeks ago, I suddenly stopped throwing up everyday. Now its only a couple times a week in the morning, big improvement since I threw up everyday, multiple times a day with Avery. These are the ultrasound pics from my 19 week appointment. He looks perfectly happy and healthy so far, kicking me like crazy. We are excited and scared, but EXCITED!!

and....about NAMES...we are open for suggestions!! If you think of anything that flows with our LAST NAME!?! Like Bobby or Billy Bob...Just kidding...but seriously we need help!


Rachel and Tyler said...

YOu will love having a boy! Maybe we should swap bins!!! We are very excited for you. As far as names... we always struggle so we are no help.

kandis said...

boys are so much fun! i'm so glad your throwing up has slowed down. That part sucks!!

karenjbriggs said...

Candice! It is so good to see you back from your "bloggin' vacation." Hope you don't take off again for a while. Have you been doing any more with your photography lately? Just wondering...I got a new camera and am just learning how to play.