Saturday, October 31, 2009


So this year since Avery is completely obsessed with Halloween, I decided we should probably decorate the house. I usually consider decorating for every holiday a bit of a waste of money, but Avery was so excited I couldn't resist. She absolutely loves it, I'm scared I may have to leave it up year round. We also happened to watch HGTV's Halloween Spooktaular Show last week. And lets just say it has sparked her interest in interior design. I have caught her several times trying to wrap my dining room table legs in toilet paper. "Mom, I am making our table into a mummy!"

She also decided our white couch would be much more festive if she drew her version of a pumpkin on it with a black ink pen. Yeah I tried hairspray removal, didn't it will be there next Halloween...SUPER!

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Betzy said...

Don't laugh but I had the same thing happen and it came out with a little milk..yes milk. :-D You rub/dab some milk with a clean (preferably white towel)onto the stain..dabbing/rubbing and then once it's out or almost completely out, you wipe it with a clean damp towel. Hopefully this helps you to "undecorate" your couch :-D.