Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I know I have been really slackin' on the blog lately, but the truth of the matter is there just isn't much to blog about. It is still FREEZING in Buffalo, and we rarely leave the house other than to hit the gym or the grocery store. So for those of you who are emailing and calling me to prod a new post, here's a look into our daily reality. Be warned that the following pictures are sure to contain lots of homeless hair, and crusty booger snot faces. ...Elmo, Mickey, and the Backyardigans prefer us in our natural state...minus makeup, and showers, etc. :)
Since the title of the post is Randomness, this pic was sure to fit. We decided it was high time we break our Thanksgiving wishbone, since it is February and all. I set it on top of the fridge on Turkey day, and there it stayed until last week. So we introduced the fun little tradition to Avery, 3 months late but she didn't care. I think she thought it was a little odd that we were encouraging to break something. It ended in a tie...so they both got their wish.

In more exciting news...Ezra and Avery took a little trip to the pet store and came back with a FISH. I didn't realize we needed another pet, but Ezra reassured me it was only 11 cents and Avery loved it! I asked if he bought it some fish food, and he said $3.50 was too much to spend on food for an 11 cent fish. So...we were just going to let it starve? That seemed a little inhumane. But Ez said " No, we can just feed it Chubb's dog food." I was sure this fish was destined for the toilet, but "NEMO" is alive and well after 3 weeks of puppy chow.

Avery has been a puzzle machine lately. She will dump all the pieces and put them back together several times a day.

Other indoor fun includes, pushing around virtually anything in her little stroller. The stroller was initially reserved for babies or stuffed animals, but lately she will push just about anything. Can't find the Tv remote, not to worry Avery has taken it for a walk in her stroller. Yesterday, she was pushing it around saying, Eeww, Eeeww. I didn't really think anything of it until she strolled into the kitchen pushing a giant dust bunny from under the couch. Awesome.
Last week was extra fun, because Avery got lots of Valentines' gifts and cards in the mail from the fam. She loves to open things and this was definitely more exciting than the junk mail that I usually give her to open. Thanks again everyone for making her V day special!

Avery with her favorite Valentines' treat...Chocolate.

More Chocolate, Sweet!
Everyday includes watching cartoons with Elmo and Mick-mee.

Football Fans

We had a small Super Bowl get together this year since we love FOOTBALL {Ezra}and we really love an excuse to eat super fattening snacks {Ezra..ok me too}! We enjoyed the game with some great friends from Ezra's dental class, of whom I took zero pics of...oops. But I did snag a pics of the two BIGGEST football fans. They were later joined by L.B., baby Kai, and baby Maddie. Good Times.

A small selection of the Football feast.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sledding in Seattle

While we were home for Xmas, the Seattle area got record snowfall. Even though we were a little bummed to be house-bound on vacation, we did a lot of fun playing in it. Ezra introduced Avery to the sport of sledding and she loved it. We all took turns pulling her up and down, and up and down, my mom's street.

Building a Snowman.