Saturday, June 19, 2010

Avery & Lorenzo's Rainbow Party

Avery and Lorenzo had their third annual birthday party!!  Rozannah and I had so much fun planning all the details for the perfect rainbow bash! 

We went a little extra crazy this year and made the kids shirts to coordinate with the party.  I made Ave this Rainbow Rosette adorned tee and Zannah made Enzo the most adorable rainbow bike tee with buttons for wheels.
Number Three Rainbow Pinata.
The finished dessert table turned out so adorable!!
Rainbow Cake and Sorted M&M Candies.
We wanted a beverage to go with the party.  So we filled these cute water bottles with clear koolaid and hand dyed each one with food coloring to simulate the full spectrum of the rainbow.  It looked really cool.

Rainbow Colored fruit Kabobs!
 Candy Covered Oreos!
Zannah took on the cake and I made the cake decor!  It was adorable!
Dipped Pretzels with rainbow sprinkles.
Sorted Gumballs & Super Jaw breakers

Enzo and Ave another year older together!

Ez grillin' the steak and chicken kabobs!

Avery blowing out the candles...minus the singing.

Cutting into the rainbow cake...The kids loved it!
Zannah and I trying to hold the cake together after we cut the first slice.  So lets just say we learned not to let a cake sit outside in 85 degree weather for a few hours before you cut it.  Opps!!
Pinata Time!

Some of the kids who came to Party with us!

Baby Greyson, relaxin' with Grandma Bev.
By the end of the party most of the guests ended up cooling off in the pool...full clothed!  It was that hot!

Avery opened a few birthday gifts after the party.  She is all about Princess this year.  She was so happy to get the Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Tiana dresses to add to her growing collection.  It was such a fun day!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 16, 2010

Avery began the third year of her life with tradition...breakfast at Paula's Doughnuts!!  We brought Uncle Lij along this year so he could experience the amazing doughnuts. 

 We had a late lunch at Cheeburger Cheeburger.  It was kids night and we were greeted by a clown at our table.  The dressed up woman was making balloon animals for all the kids.  Avery told her that she loves princesses, so the woman decided to make her a princess birthday crown.  It had to be one of the sadest looking balloon creations I have ever seen...but Ave thought it was cool so that's all that matters.
 After lunch, we suprised Avery with a trip to good ol' Chucky Cheese.  She was slightly scared of Chucky and his robot friends, but had fun playing the games.

 Ave blowing out the candles on her Belle cake.
All dressed up and ready to PARTY!

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Beach

The weather has been super nice the last few weeks, so nice that we decided to venture out with a bunch of Moms for a trip to the beach with the kids.  The idea of it sounded like fun....until we got there and I realized I was slightly in over my head.  Biggest Mistake... I brought way too much stuff!  beach umbrella, chair, sand toys for Ave, a cooler with snacks, 2 water bottles, Greyson's diaper bag, a bag with a change of clothes for Avery, towels, sun screen, etc., and a bag for my camera.  Somehow I carried all of this, plus Greyson in his car seat from the parking lot down to the beach area.  We made it down there, Ave was having a blast digging in the sand with her friends....and then Greyson woke up.  Lets just say, we wasn't loving his first trip to the beach.  I did snap a few pics of him, and then he screamed bloody murder for what seemed like an hour until I finally got him to sleep.  He stayed asleep for about 10 minutes, when I realized I was in over my head and decided it was time to go.  I had to convince Avery, who couldn't understand why I would want to leave such an exciting place as the beach, as her brother is again crying hysterically.  Luckily, I had great friends around to watch the kids so that I could make 2 trips back to the car with all the crap I thought I had to have.  By the time I got all the stuff and the kids loaded in the car, then Avery said "Mom, I have to go potty", I thought I was going to die. The only bathrooms were all the way back down at the beach area.  There was no way I could carry Greyson and her (she decided she couldn't walk because there was sand in her shoes) back down there.  I tried to convince her it was OK to go potty outside in the grass just this once.  She refused because she is a girl and only boys go potty outside. I explained that she had no choice and she said she could hold it until we got home.  Well five minutes down the road she is crying and telling me to pull over, she wants to go in the grass on the side of the road.  So I did...and she did.  I was proud of her...and completely exhausted.  It was one of those memorable mom days that I will never forget.

....but Avery had fun, so it was worth it...right!?!

Greyson's first trip to the beach! He was lovin' it!

Not so much!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Headband

Every morning for the last week or so, Avery wakes up and immediately starts on a mad hunt to find this headband.  She refuses to eat her breakfast until she has it on.  I asked her why she needs it so...she said it holds her hair back "real good".  I offered to put her hair in a ponytail, she said no.... "My pink headband makes me look HOT!"  I guess I can't argue with that.