Friday, June 10, 2011

Our Little Graduate

 We had another graduation to attend last week.  Our sweet little Avery graduated from preschool!!  She is truly growing up so fast, I can't stand it.  The graduation was sooo adorable!  I really can't say enough great things about the preschool program we enrolled her in this year.  Her teachers were so amazing, she made some great friends, and learned so many things from her ABC's, to writing her name, to her address and phone number, how to put on and zip up her coat by herself and so much more. 

 Ez and Greyson waiting anxiously for the graduates to arrive.

 Avery making her entrance to the graduation song...tear...
 Grey so proud of his Big Sis up on the stage!
 Avery on stage with her classmates.

 Accepting her diploma.
 Each Graduate got to design the balloon above their chair.  I asked Ave about her picture and she explained she drew a picture of herself holding a delicious doughnut from Paula's, with some mountains and a rainbow behind her.  That's my girl...drawing a picture of food!!
Singing one of the several adorable songs they performed.

 She did it!
 Avery with her teacher Ms. Kim.
 Avery with her teacher Ms. Patti.

 Ave and I. Love this little girl!!
 Avery and her favorite girl friend Samantha from preshool.  I know she will really miss her when we move.

Avery enjoying all the yummy treats for the kids after the ceremony.

I made these cute graduation cupcakes just for the special occasion.
 Dad and Grey cheesing it up for me. 

 Ms. Kim read this cute questionaire aloud before each graduate accepted their diplomas.  Here were Avery's answers.
 Each graduate recieved this cute Preschool Diploma and the most adorable personalized scrap book filled with picures of Avery all throughout the year.  I love, love, love that scrap book.  It is such an awesome keepsake for her to remember all the fun times she had with her friends this year.
It was a great day!!


Ariel said...

I got teary eyed reading this post! i can't believe how big she is and it's so adorable how much she looks up to you to say she wants to be a mom when she grows up. She is such a sweetie.

Unknown said...

i love the hats, do you know what was used to hold them on the kids heads??