Friday, May 13, 2011

Goodbye UB

 During graduation week the dental school held and open house for the friends and family of all graduating seniors.  As if Ezra hadn't seen enough of this place after the last for years, I made him give it a proper goodbye with pictures of the kids of course. 
 Ezra's name on the wall in his operatory.
 We took the whole fam, so Ezra's Dad and Linda could see the clinic where Ezra saw patients over the last few years.
 Ave sitting in his chair.
 Greyson lovin' getting sprayed in the face with the air hose.

 A future Dr. Boekweg.
 I made Ezra put on part of his "dentist outfit" and take a pic with Ave.  She got a little tense when he lowered the chair back and put the gloves on.  She's not a big fan of the dentist...even if he is her dad. 
A family pic in Ezra's Operatory, for commemorative sake!

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