Sunday, May 30, 2010

Big Sis & Little Bro

We took these pictures of Avery and Greyson when he was 4 weeks old.  Avery loves being a BIG Sister.  She has had her jealous moments, ok days, ok...maybe its more like jealous weeks...but we think she is really starting to like him. It was only a few months ago she was asking when he was going back to the hospital.  or..."Mom, what's that smell? ( I smell nothing) "It's Baby Brother!  He is stinkin' up the place!"    or..."Mom, Can we get a new Baby Brother?  Greyson cries TOO MUCH!  I can't hear Dora!"  ...or "Mom...tell Baby Brother I don't Love him when he cries"
 It was pretty funny!  He is starting to win her over slowly but surely.  She asks to hold him now and loves to try and make him smile.