Friday, April 9, 2010


Well its official, I am way behind on the blog again. But this time I have a good excuse...I have TWO kids! Life is crazy. I don't know how all our Moms did this. I have lots of stories to tell about bringing Greyson home, Big Sister Avery, life saving visits from my Mom and Ezzies Mom, Linda, etc....but we will save those for another post.
We had a great Easter! Greyson is six weeks old now and is looking more and more like his dad every day. Poor guy even lost most of his hair...just like daddy :). The Easter bunny came to our house again this year to hide eggs and baskets of goodies. (Special thanks all their Grandparents for sending Easter packages filled with treats that make the Easter Bunny's job really easy!) We had an awesome Easter dinner with our friends on Grandview street.

Greyson in his super cute Easter Tie Onsie...thanks Diana!

Avery loves her some Easter Egg huntin'...just like her Momma. Pretty soon Greyson will be big enough to knock her down in persuit of a colored egg, just like my little sis did to me every year. ...and yet she never won a single hunt. We will be sure to tell Greyson it doesn't pay to cheat, right Aunt Nicki!


Rachel and Tyler said...

I can't believe how much Avery looks like you and greyson looks like Ezra. They are both so cute. Cant wait to hear how everything is going.

Sean & Kendra said...

Your family is so beautiful! I have to say, I love Greyson's tie!!

allegra said...

such cute pics! cute kiddos. i know... the 2 kid thing is kinda tricky, and i haven't even attempted it alone yet since my mom is still here. i don't know how i'll do it without her!? oh boy, hope i survive!!

Boss said...

Adorable! If it makes Greyson (or you) feel any better, he still has way more hair than Miles does.

kandis said...

Your little man is so cute...and avery too of course... i approve of him being Brinley's little boyfriend! :) we should get together sometime and let our kids play. Let me know when you are free.

Retro Plants said...

two kids. . . ya!
i am SO with you.
two kids is VERY challenging.
some people find it easy as cake. . . but i don't!
being a mom is hard. . .
rewarding? sure!
fun? sure!
but also very HARD.
hang in there honey! it does get better. :)

come and see us. . . we are just down the street!
and if you want to send Avery over. . . give me a call. . . Indy and Kendy would LOVE to play with her! ;)

psst. . . could those pictures BE any cuter!?!
i think NOT!
your kids are the cutest.
and. . .
that Easter tie onesie rocks!
now i want a boy! ;)
wait. . . that would mean three?
on second thought. . . :)

sher said...

two is crazy! i got my girl and my boy...I think I could be done... ok- maybe one more...maybe