Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ballet School Drop-Out

 Avery had been attending ballet at Miss Britta's ballet school, for several months and seemed to be loving it before we left for Christmas break.  When returned from Seattle and back to our old schedule, she started complaining about going...I had to start bribing her with Paula's doughnut, etc.  She said she really just wanted to do her own ballerina dance, and not really the choreographed one Britta was trying to teach them.  After a month of Friday morning fights to get her out the door, we decided maybe she was a little over scheduled with preschool every other day of the we let her quit!  I know we are awesome parents, right?!?

I stole this pic of her with her class from Britta, her teacher.  I wish I had more...

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Ariel said...

I love the picture of avery in the group picture. She is such a doll!