Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Football Fans

We had a small Super Bowl get together this year since we love FOOTBALL {Ezra}and we really love an excuse to eat super fattening snacks {Ezra..ok me too}! We enjoyed the game with some great friends from Ezra's dental class, of whom I took zero pics of...oops. But I did snag a pics of the two BIGGEST football fans. They were later joined by L.B., baby Kai, and baby Maddie. Good Times.

A small selection of the Football feast.


Rachel said...

I laughed aloud when I read about Avery pushing around the dust bunny. Was she really saying "Ewwww?" That's hilarious. Buffalo really must be a boring place if children resort to dust bunnies for entertainment. Oh my.

So this is random, but I feel like chatting...I am still at the school, and I am mad about it. I promised myself that I would start leaving by 5:00. It's not working. Why am I such a freaking perfectionist?? Candice, HELP!!

We need to hang out soon. I am losing it here.

P.S. Ry never gave me a piece of your apple sauce pumpking bread. He hoarded it all for himself. Yes, he did. I actually found it at one point hidden at the bottom of our blanket basket in the living room. Either he knows his wife too well, or he is really selfish! Anyway, since I never got any, we need to make some more soon!

Anonymous said...

Too, too freaking cute, Candice. That was entertainment for me.