Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year!

We are home from our holiday vacation, and back to the daily demands of Dental School and parenting. We had a fun and relaxing break in Washington. Avery was spoiled by her relatives, and Ez and I had some much needed fun...just the two of us. I know I have really negleted the blog lately, so here are some pics of little Ave just before the holiday. I also have lots of Christmas pics that yet to be uploaded from my camera, so stay tuned!


Amber said...

she is super cute and chic!

sher & zac said...

that second one is my FAVORITE! ADORABLE. How can she be so cute, and what good taste mommy!

Teri said...

Those boots are so adorable, along with Cute little Avery.

Britta said...

Pretty blue eyes and such a cute outfit!

intelligence said...