Monday, May 19, 2008

My Very Own Day...Sweet!

This was my very first real Mother's Day! I awoke to breakfast in bed, catered by Ave and Ez. It was delish! I especially loved my waitress's adorable shirt. ...I think she was working me for a tip.

Swimming Lessons

Avery has officially started swim lessons!! She will be splashing around at the local YMCA every Saturday morning for the next 7 weeks!! More pics to come!


Avery celebrated her very first Cinco-de-Mayo...and boy was it a fiesta to remember! The party started early with lunch at the local Puerto Vallarta mexican restaurant...where she dined on a chicken chimichanga, rice, and beans complements of her mother's plate. Two Senioritas at the door gave her a sweet Jose' Cuervo balloon for the ride home. Avery was a very happy girl...for approximately 20 minutes until she remembered how much she hates riding home in her car seat. So like any good grandpa, Poppo sped up a little to make the trip slightly shorter for his little chica. ...And that's when the fiesta went sour!! Flashing lights in the rear view mirror...el Crap-o! What kind of cop would give a speeding ticket to an old man driving his daughter and granddaughter home? I think Avery's Jose' Cuervo Balloon is what did us in!! Sorry Grandpa!!

Gig Harbor Waterfront

While we were home, we hit the new shopping plaza in Gig Harbor with Auntie Anglea. We were impressed! They have a new baby boutique that is super cute...the true religion jeans for babies was a little much, but still adorable. We hung out with Great Grandma and Grandpa on the waterfront before cousin Ashley's birthday dinner.

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

We went to the Pt. Defiance Zoo with Grandma Bev, Aunt Barbara, and Auntie Ang. Avery saw an interesting Anteater, a hot tempered peacock, and had her first carousel ride with Nicki. It was fun!

A Little R-n-R in Seattle

We did it again! This was Avery's 4th cross country flight and back in her short little life thus far. Every time I get on that plane with her, alone...for a SIX HOUR flight, I ask myself the same question...WHY?? Why do I do this to myself? Is it worth all the screaming, kicking, biting...ok, so I only bit her once. Ok...Yes, it is worth all the agony to have two whole weeks of fun with our family and friends!
There was lots to see and do. Here are a few pics from our trip!

We walked to the park with Grandpa!

A Much Needed Update

Yes, we are still alive...I know I have been slackin' on the bloggin' lately. So my goal is to get this thing up to date in the next day or two. So get ready dedicated readers, aka Grandma!