Monday, May 19, 2008


Avery celebrated her very first Cinco-de-Mayo...and boy was it a fiesta to remember! The party started early with lunch at the local Puerto Vallarta mexican restaurant...where she dined on a chicken chimichanga, rice, and beans complements of her mother's plate. Two Senioritas at the door gave her a sweet Jose' Cuervo balloon for the ride home. Avery was a very happy girl...for approximately 20 minutes until she remembered how much she hates riding home in her car seat. So like any good grandpa, Poppo sped up a little to make the trip slightly shorter for his little chica. ...And that's when the fiesta went sour!! Flashing lights in the rear view mirror...el Crap-o! What kind of cop would give a speeding ticket to an old man driving his daughter and granddaughter home? I think Avery's Jose' Cuervo Balloon is what did us in!! Sorry Grandpa!!

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sher & zac said...

OK, this is a hilarious post! Your poor grandpa. Avery looks genuinely sad for him in the pic. Adorable
Love it