Thursday, November 13, 2008

Big Girl Fork

Yep, she's doin' it!! Avery loves to eat with her big girl fork. So far she has mastered Sponge Bob Mac & Cheese, and Cheerios. Every time she manages to land something in her mouth, she says Mmm Mmm, and smiles from ear to ear. So cute, its fun to watch.


Rachel said...

I still have that reaction to food...and it's not cute anymore...:)

Rachel said...


Just thought you should know that I frequently go to your blog, even if there's no new post, just so I can listen to the playlist. You have great taste in music!

I also thought you should know that I think you're awesome and one of my favorite friends here in Buffalo. I'm glad you liked my post with the rant about teaching! :) It made me feel good that you thought it was funny.

We should hang out soon! (I was sorry I couldn't come to visit you guys with Ry on Sunday!) When can we get together?

Kara said...

Candice, like I said before...beautiful pics. I wish I had that gift. Avery is adorible, and you look great! I really love the pics of you too together. Very cute! P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!

superior said...