Thursday, October 23, 2008

Saturday Farmer's Market

The last few Saturdays we have woken up early (well, early for us) to go to the local Farmer's Market in Tonawanda. It has to be the coolest little market, short of Pike in Seattle. It is just big enough to have every fruit and vegetable you can imagine, and the best part is the prices. 25 Apples-$5, 25 tomatoes-$5
Much cheaper than the grocery store!
Last weekend we took our house guests, Linda & David, to the market to pick up some last minute pumpkins. She snapped this pic...I don't think we were quite awake yet :)


brent and kashann said...

That's the market we hit on Saturdays too. Never thought of taking pictures, tho. Thanks for reminding me to stop and enjoy nature. I am always too much in rush and miss all the stuff you capture. It's inspiring.

googler said...