Saturday, September 6, 2008


Our PeArS are Ripe! Having a big fruit tree is so fun. I think Avery and I were in Washington last year for the big Pear Harvest...and this year we are in heaven. I am amazed that something that grows in our backyard, with zero maintenance, can produce something so tasty.

Avery with a big mouth full. She is definitely a pear fan!

Chubbs waiting patiently for the perfect chance to steal Avery's pear. He has gone crazy. I catch him sitting outside under the tree looking up waiting for them to fall.


Linda Melville Block said...

Candice, your stills are incredible!! You could publish!! Of course adorable Ave and Chubbers are always great subjects, but the pears rock!!

eirian+johnny said...

Ohh sweet Chubbs! We miss him. Those pears look amazing, lucky lucky!

Natalie said...

Your pears look delicious but I am more amazed by your photography skills! Your pictures all turn out so good!

Vanessa said...

Hi...I LOVE YOUR PICTURES! Sorry, I should introduce myself. I know Ezra's family...well, I'm Israel's age and knew Sis. M-B (back in the day). My mom worked with Ezra I think, in Pre-Paid legal in Wa. Just was blog hopping and thought I would comment on the amazing pictures! Good to see that the family is still fun and busy!

Rachel said...

You are amazing. Here is what I am thinking...the PEAR pictures would look darling in print framed in my kitchen...thoughts? Can I have??? or pay???