Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Heart New York

We also took a little trip to New York City via good ol' Amtrak. It was an 8 hour train ride each way to the City, which is a little longer than it would take by car, but it was much more enjoyable enjoyable to be able to get up and walk/crawl around...especially for Avery.
In the city we subway'ed/walked almost everywhere. Avery was a trooper confined to her stroller for nearly 4 days.

...this was her chosen way to ride.
We hit up most of the tourist traps for meals...we figured out they really were soon as you sat down after a long wait to get in, we usually paid premium prices for just so-so food.

Here is Avery at the famous Carnegie Deli...why is it famous?? I don't know...but "guess who eats together at the Carnegie Deli....Bowzer from sha-na-na, and Arthur Fonzerrelli"...according to Adam Sandler in his Hanukkah Song.
Here was my roast beef sandwich. I was glad I only ordered a half.

We also toured the city on the double-decker guided tour bus. Which was awesome!! We got to see and learn so much more that we would have getting lost by ourselves.
Avery and I seeing the site on the bus tour. We hopped off on Canal street to get some sweet knock-off goods. (Which was one of the most exciting parts of the trip, however I have no pics from this...I was scared they might think I was a cop or something.) If you haven't heard of Canal Street, it is infamous for having really good fake designer purses. Who would want fake Coach or Gucci purses...oh...every female 12-65, and they are all willing to go to drastic measures to get them. getting in the back of moving vans, going underground,or behind secert doors with scary people off the street. All crazy stupid things to do...but seemingly well worth it. So we did it too!

Highlights of the trip for Avery included riding on the 4 story ferris wheel that was inside the ToysRus in Time Square.

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eirian+johnny said...

Great pictures! So you know i'm dying to hear what you picked up on Canal Street...

when Johnny had his D school interview at Columbia he brought be back three great purses and I couldn't have been happier :)