Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Party Grub

Well, everyone knows I'm all about the Party FOOD pics {its the Jeffcoat in me} here you go!

First up was Martha Stewart's cupcake bites. So adorable!! ...So I watched her toutorial and according to Martha they were "easy as pie" to make....What a JOKE!! These things were a nightmare!
Martha's Cupcake Pops
Seven hours later...My Cupcake Pops
Definitly not as cute as hers, but it was an experience, and everyone thought they were delish!
Avery's Giant Cupcake turned out cute thanks to my Mom and Aunt. They picked up the slack for me when I was over my head in Martha's Cupcake Pops.
Ezzie Grilled Kabobs...Yummo!!


eirian+johnny said...

Okay, fabulous job on those Martha pops! I'm so impressed! Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you guys...

sher & zac said...

AWESOME! Wish we could have been there. That cupcake was sweet! To bad it was swiped at by her friend. That would make me mad too. Love the new photo blog too.